Thursday, May 14, 2009


Open Day and Fundraiser

On Sunday May 17 2009 between 2 and 6pm, the museum will be open to the public. This event will take place at the museums print workshop located at 36 Moreland St, Footscray and will include live music, letterpress and typesetting demonstrations and a print exhibition and fundraiser –with works created by some of Melbourne’s leading contemporary artists and design studios, Including Rose Nolan, Matthew Griffin, Callum Morton, Jon Campbell, Emily Floyd, John Warwicker, Alex Selenitsch, Richard Tipping, Alter, 3 Deep Design, Studio Round, Pip & Co, Three60, The Narrows and more.


Zoƫ said...

Hello, being from Brisbane, it's not the easiest to keep abreast of design-related 'things' in melbourne. I've just discovered your web site and blog and I am keen to have a look at some of the prints being sold this weekend. Any chance you could email me a PDF?

impost-me! said...
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impost-me! said...

a highly successful event!
a huge thank-you to all those involved,
the committee,
the volunteers,
it was a momentous day,


Anonymous said...

Joanne said...

I remember visiting in the '80's.